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Most common and popular questions.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Cap’n Jake’s best advice is to book as far in advance as possible. Why wait? For any spur of the moment rentals (those in which you are renting for the next day) please email info@JOTLrentals.com BEFORE completing your transaction. Gear owners need time to coordinate with you – as a result, any rental made within 24 hours of the rental date cannot be guaranteed.

Is this a delivery service?

No. The renter is responsible for picking up the gear in the location listed. Gear owners might offer delivery, if written in the gear description box. For any questions about potential delivery, email info@JOTLrentals.com before reserving gear.

Why should I use Jake on the Lake?

If you’re visiting Maine, you probably don’t need to buy a brand new kayak, bike, or fishing rod, but your trip won’t be the same without one. By renting gear directly from Mainers, you can get everything you need for a fraction of the price of retail. Additionally, you might get the inside scoop on cool places to go in Maine, and tips on the best times to use your rented gear.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. If you’re a Gear Owner, create a profile and list your gear. If you’re a Gear Renter, just search for the gear you need. We’ll seamlessly, securely connect you and process your transaction. Once you get to Maine, you can pick up your gear (in some cases, JOTL can help with delivery). Drop it off when you’re done, and… well, that’s about it.

How can I safely pick up and drop off my gear?

After the transaction, the renter receives the gear owner’s contact information. It is the renter’s responsibility to email or call the gear owner to coordinate a time and place for pickup and return. We encourage public locations, like parking lots, for these gear exchanges. The renter must be willing to pick up the gear in the location listed by the gear owner on the rental page. Delivery is only available when expressly written.

Is my transaction information secure?

Yes. We use PayPal and Stripe to process all payments. JOTL will hold your payment until you pick up the gear from the gear owner.

What should I do if I need to return the gear early or get an extension?

To work out an early return, communicate directly with the gear owner. Please remember that all transactions are final and we cannot give refunds for early returns. To extend the rental, simply create a new transaction for the extra days needed.

I am a Gear Owner. How do I get paid?

Gear owners are paid after the successful rental of their gear. JOTL holds the rental amount in its account until the rental occurs. Then, you’ll receive a check or bank transfer (your preference) for the full rental amount minus the merchant fees charged by PayPal and Stripe.

What should I do if I break or damage my gear?

The renter is responsible for any loss or damage to the gear. Please report the damage directly to the gear owner. The renter, by agreeing to the Terms of Service, is responsible for repairing or replacing the gear.

Is there any way to have you pick up my gear if I am no longer able to drop it off?

In some cases, we can come to the rescue! Send an email to info@JOTLrentals.com as soon as you know you might not be able to drop it off. Don’t worry. We’ll solve it together.

Do I need to wash or clean my gear before I return it?

Yes. Please be courteous to the gear owners. It’s the Maine way.

Can I use my gear outside of Maine?

Yes, but why would you ever leave?

Can I cancel my order if something comes up?

Yes. For cancellations one week or more in advance of the scheduled rental, you will receive a refund of the rental cost minus the merchant fee charged by PayPal or Stripe and the processing and rental fees.

For cancellations within a week of the scheduled rental, all transactions are final and will not be refunded. Please consider your schedule before booking gear.

Any relation to the ice cream company?

In 2010, I took the concept of an ice cream truck and applied it to the water, launching Jake’s on the Lake ice cream boat. Over the course of four summers, the wonderful folks of Little Sebago Lake helped me finance my college education. We had a lot of fun together.

I’m introducing this new business for the opportunity to create even more of those unforgettable Maine memories and with the aspiration of benefiting the many – from the Maine gear owner who earns a few extra dollars each week to the active tourist who never forgets that magical visit to vacationland.

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